• Classic Sponge Cake Recipe (Genoise) - Beautiful, tall and super airy crumb.
    Sponge Cakes

    Classic Sponge Cake Recipe (Genoise)

    The most versatile cake on my list, life savior Sponge Cake, worldwide recognized Genoise. Hello you, our beautiful reader! We are very happy to start with the tip and trick of baking series. You don’t imagine how many desserts I…

  • Best Banana Muffins with Chocolate and Nuts - The perfect companion for a hot beverage, with a lovely and subtle crust in the outside, packed with soft and airy banana taste crumb with hints of cinnamon, and surprise chunks of nuts and dark chocolate for a twist.

    Best Banana Muffins With Chocolate And Nuts

    Well, hello! Look at that! Our first post. Thank you for being with us at the start of this journey. Ricardo and I can’t wait to share so many recipes with you, starting with the Best Banana Muffins that will…